Design Work

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Keegan White is an up-and-coming artist here in the Twin Cities. I designed this poster and handout cards for his show at 7th Street Entry. You can click on each image to see the digital version.

Trevor DeVine and the Immaculate Beings is a local band who wanted me to design a digital logo based on a sketch (left) by Samantha Saucedo.


This is a logo and brand identity that I designed for the Antolak & Ongeri Law Firm.

These are a few thumbnails I designed for the videos on Derrick Holleman's YouTube channel. You can view more if you visit his channel through the link above.

I designed this logo for a local music group called "The Faroons". The client wanted me to imitate the sketch and use orange and green in particular.

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Shirt design for the Brooklyns Youth Council for the 2013-2014 year

Logo redesign for the Brooklyns Youth Council.

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