Promotion Experience

I've had a variety of promotion experiences throughout college and I am always looking for more. Here are a couple I'd like to highlight.

At the Doomtree Zoo I was an "All Hands" employee. This was the first time that the Doomtree label put on an event this large. I worked with other St. Thomas students to fulfill various marketing, setup, and realtime show responsibilities to help run this show. This included promotion, ticketing, stage crew, security, crowd control, and moving instruments and props around the event. Here are a few articles about the event:

I was on the Marketing and PR team for the UST Sampler release show. I worked with about a dozen other students to organize an event in which St. Thomas students performed original music.

I worked as a marketing/social media manager and talent manager for Keegan White for several months. I designed posters and postcards and had them printed handouts printed. Posted them at coffee shops, on lampposts, and in universities all around the Twin Cities. I also helped get everything organized the day of the show.

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